1. Work for SimplyBuilt

    SimplyBuilt is a website builder Sigient(Push) developed. My role was building brand identity, designing UI/UX, creating mockups, creating videos for advertisement or tutorial. Mockups or comps had created for better communication between design and development.


    All content are for review only. Not for sharing to the public.

    A little long page. I was thinking to separate them into subpages but I decided to have them all in one here.

  1. Logo design and Brand Identity work

  1. SimplyBuilt namecard mockup

  1. Created various T-shirt designs for marketing uses.

  1. Popsicle graphic & video for SimplyBuilt theme

    To announce new SimplyBuilt template theme, I had created this theme colored popsicle graphic and it had been shared with the time-lapse video I also created with fun sfx.

  1. Tutorial videos

    This is one of SimplyBuilt tutorial videos. Users refer these videos when they click the Help.


  1. Style guides and mock-ups

    Belows are presenting style guides and mock-ups for the team, especially for developers. Below mock-ups contain old designs and developers updated the mock-ups on their side with codes and the updated style guide.

  1. Panels

  1. Editing Tools

  1. Modal Windows

  1. Onboarding comps and process for Mobile devices


    This comp is a flowchart of onboarding process on a mobile device.


  1. Onboarding comps for desktop

    Below images are comps about for onboarding process for desktop.

  1. Watch loop video for the first page of onboarding

    It supports the key phrase below the video, "Go from zero to website in minutes."

    Watch it with the private link


  1. 500 Error page

Hero image for theme page

  1. Page Loading Animation

    Basically, the original loop animation is more simple one and it is for a page loading in the website builder. From the original GIF animation, this animation has been created for a social post.

SB branded two bird houses for marketing use