LamX : The First


Interactive physical lightbulbs connected to digital waves

  1. Two worlds connected each other,
    physical world and digital world

    Lamx (램쓰) is one of my great hit installations which is combined many physical vintage light bulbs and digitally generated waves from your moves or sound. Yes, the light bulbs and waves interact with your moves and also any sound if listening mode is turned on.

    This installation presents the first light of universe and the first love and it makes you feel warm and it may heal you somehow. Lots of people especially kids enjoy to play with the installation and they play in a joy.There are various versions of Lamx that depends on a space type where the installation set up. 

    The video below is the first version of the work and my kids played with the art installation over an hours continuously. (I'm always amazed how kids can play in so many different ways with one single item.)


  1. [ Physical world x Digital world ]

    Here is a behind story about the first version of Lamx, the video above.

    It's been a little long time ago since I've tested out this personal project, enjoyed it with my kids and took above video before I install it on a street for a public interactive art. Basically it was very calm light ripples visually. As a light fills the room by interacting with you, you can see the ripple from the light also fills the room. After the basic test, I developed it by adding the fun lightning effect for my children as another version, especially for my son who loves Star Wars stuff. And now it looks very powerful like super hero movie (or maybe Nikola Tesla movie?). I'm sure you never stop playing with this interactive electricity thing.

    Music 'Run Run Ukulele' by Han Lee

    Listen to the music only

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    별빛이 터져 관객의 가슴으로 퍼져간다.
    빛을 발하는 전구가 마치 빗방울이 지상을 향하여 낙하하듯 수직으로 무수히 달려있다.

    빛, 그 태초의 것과 관객들은 소통하며 아이와 같이 뛰어논다. 물리적 설치물과 디지털 파장이 결합되어 보는이로 하여금 독특한 감성을 느끼게한다. 아날로그 감성에서 디지털을 느낀다. 관객이 움직이면 전구는 빛을 발하고 터져나간다. 일(1)자로 떨어져 영(0)으로 퍼져나간다.

    오선위의 피아노 선율처럼 아름다운 빛의 방울들이 스트링들에 줄줄이 매달려 관객들과 놀이를 시작한다. 빛이 공간을 채워나가는, 그 보이지않는 세계를 시각화한 상상력의 확장이다. 

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