Hey folks! I'm so sorry to announce that the event for tomorrow is just canceled and postponed with some reasons. Especially for anyone who is really excited about the show. :( The postponed date is not determined yet so once I get the date I'll let you all know. Maybe not too soon. Actually I have some positive views to this postponement, but, yeah anyway, again, sorry for this and thank you so much for your support!

    Be joyful always!

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  1. Fun little pop up event!

    The delightful art installations and performance are coming again to New York on Saturday, May 21st on the High Line public park - one of the most innovative parks in the world.

  1. Saturday, May 21, 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm (EST)

    I personally recommend you to come as late as you can since the show looks better under no Sun.

    14th Street Passage on The High Line

    New York City


    You may use the High Line entrance on 14th St.(Both, elevator and stairs are available.)

    No RSVP required. Feel free to come and enjoy the show!

  1. These are what you can play with at the street version of Rain of Joy.

  1. LamX (2015)

    Learn more

    This is on-street edition so materials and the way to install will be different due to a different environment but the core philosophy and concept are the same as always.

  2. Rain of Joy : performance

    Learn more

    Each performance will be played for about 10 mins.

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    Thank you!