LamX Playce Edition

Playce hotel at 성산일출봉 In Jeju Island, South Korea

  1. LamX Playce Edition runs under two modes:
    Play Mode and Show Mode.

    In Play Mode, LamX interacts with you. All light bulbs and light ripples are follow your motion.

    In Show Mode, LamX performs two unforgettable light shows with over 200 light bulbs and two dramatic instrumental music Han Lee composed and performed.

    Check out the Play Mode first below.

  1. A sparkling rain
    is falling down
    to Jeju island
    your heart


    A light is falling down. The light bursts out and spread to every audience's heart and give an emotional turning point. Over 200 light bulbs are hanging vertically like a sparkling rain. Or it looks like musical notes on score. Light is falling 'vertically(1)' and spreads like ripples(0).

    Audience enjoys to interact and play with the Light, one of God's creations at the beginning of universe. Often they gave a feedback they experience one of beautiful moments in their life with the physical light bulbs installation merged with digital ripples in Play Mode and two dramatical light shows in Show Mode. The physical lights and digital lights follow your motion simultaneously in Play Mode.

    Outstretching beyond your imagination is what you can feel from this installation art in person. There are several exhibitions with LamX in South Korea and New York, and many people enjoyed it. Anyone who met LamX didn't stop playing with it. They were really enjoying to touch the beyond.

    LamX, especially this LamX Playce Edition gives much more richer experience than other LamX Editions. It makes any space to a delightful playground and highly enjoyable light show space. Or it makes any space to a peaceful shelter.

    LamX Playce Edition has been installed in the reception space on December, 2016, where all visitors should visits to stay the Playce Hotel.

  1. LamX Playce Edition

    Jejudo, the unique island in South Korea just got very exceptional art work, LamX. She is waiting for you to come over there and interact with her in PlayMode. She will emotionally respond by blinking bunch of lights and burst waves out beyond them.

    Additionally, there is a delightful special light show two times every day, 2PM and 8PM. The show is called LamXhow stands for Lamps Show. All light bulbs, projected waves and music perform simultaneously and beautifully. They affect each others.

    The show is like music video with artistic installation. The show includes two stories, <Before The Show> which is about how the creator of universe feels before the creation, and <Hero> which is about love. From those two stories you can listen to two music, <Before The Show> is the same name as the story's name and <The Breeze>. The show takes about 6 minutes. All music, motion graphics and actions of light bulbs are created and programmed precisely by Han Lee.

    Check out those two music below. It plays 120 bpm so that you can feel time flows by tick-tock.

    Tick Tock Tick Tock

  1. Before The Show

    It's basically a story about creation of universe. Imagine how a dad feels when he prepares a surprising gift for his child. Creator of universe is creating the world for you and he is excited and can't wait to show it to you.

    There is nothing but one single tone and one single light. It is getting more complex and stars are bursting out. On single piano sound gets more complex string sounds that are tuning for harmony. Tons of stars transforms to heavy rain. It's blessing rain for you who are very unique.

  2. The Breeze

    Han brings you a powerful breeze. Imagine it is flying through endless grasses and trees. It gives life to all the natures. Classical piano and crossover jazz run to energetic climax with synthesized sounds. Emotional and dramatic.

    Basically there is version one of this music which is more simple. Han performed it in his past two media art exhibitions. After the two shows, he rearranged the music to add more emotional climax and now it sounds much more dramatic.

    The Breeze is also used for his interactive installation art, LamX as a part of a light show. For 'Hero', the second story of the light show.