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  1. Make New Media Arts Emotionally Close To You.

LamX Playce Edition

Jeju Island in South Korea just received a delightful present.
@ Playce Jeju Camp 플레이스 제주 캠프

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Jan 14 - Feb 14, 2016 @ Suwon IPark Museum of Art, South Korea

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Jan 14 - Feb 14, 2016 @ Suwon IPark Museum of Art, South Korea 수원시립아이파크미술관

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Rain of Joy

Media art exhibition @ SIA NY gallery in Chelsea gallery district in New York City

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C : Sound

Experimental collaboration work @ Sejong Center 세종문화회관

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Interactive physical lightbulbs connected to digital waves

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Xound Ripples

Interactive Live Performance by Han Lee

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Enjoy that each wooden pixel is fluently
moving and formed in fun shapes.

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    Did you reach here to get the famous screensaver, Xou Clock? You can learn more about it here. Or simply click below link to download it.

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    Are you surprised where it the previous website that is awarded by Webby Awards? Follow the below link.

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    Some music tracks performed and/or composed by me.

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